Article number: 301355

Administration system speed

The speed of the Sitekit CMS administration system depends on many factors including:

  • Load - how busy the server is.
  • Concurrency - how many users are performing administrative tasks.
  • Time of day - e.g. periodic maintenance tasks that happen in the middle of the night may slow performance.
  • Network/Internet - finally and most significantly the administration speed will occassionally slow down due to a bottleneck between the Sitekit server and the user browser.

Baseline speed

To help determine what is  ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ we have defined the baseline speed as the following:  

It should be faster to open pages in Sitekit CMS Administration than it is to open Microsoft Word documents - which is typically between three to six seconds for an average user.

If your administration performance is 'Slow' by the above definition there are a number of tests you can perform to identify possible problems.

    • Check if your PC is running any other tasks at the same time (e.g. antvirus scan).
    • Look and ask around - is it just your machine that is, or is it slow on all your colleagues?
    • Try accessing Sitekit CMS administration from a location outside your network, such as at home.

      If after these tests you still find administration 'Slow' please Install and run HTTPWatch ( a free utility that records how much time different elements in the administration system take to load on your browser. A simple example of poor performance is best. You can then save the recording and send it to with the following information:

      • Website and user name.
      • What browser are you are using including version number,
      • What page/area of Sitekit CMS administration are you accessing,
      • Is it slow for all actions or just some specific ones.
      • Results from httpwatch.

      Note in order for us to complete a full investigation we require the HTTPWatch files. If a ticket is submitted to support without the file we will not be able to investigate.

      As part of our shared hosting service we monitor server responses continually  so are aware when a server's performance begins to degrade. Information as to server performance and notifications can be found at     

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