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Dealing with Cookies, Sitekit policy advice


The law which applies to use of cookies changed on 26 May 2011. This is an EU directive and applies to every web site owner in the UK and EU The legislation provides for financial penalties for not complying; however there will be a phasing-in of the enforcement to give site owners an opportunity to comply.
Government advice to site owners is to be aware of how your site uses cookies so you can take steps to comply


Sitekit’s current advice to customers is that the legal implications are not yet clear and are likely to be different for every web site depending on the functional design of the web site. Hence, unfortunately, there is no simple standard solution – each web site has to consider how their site uses cookies, how the legislation will affect their web site and any actions, design changes they are willing to take to achieve compliance. Unless a browser-based solution is possible (this is not yet clear), it is likely that some changes will be required to every web site to achieve compliance. Sitekit has a site-selectable option to disable the Trackerate cookie so this can be disabled on a site specific basis on customer request. Note as well as the Cookies in the table below which are native to Sitekit your own site may have many more relating to specific functionality such as tracking from Google analytics etc.


In summary,Sitekit customers should individually evaluate their website’s use of cookies. All Sitekit CMS sites use cookies and most use forms which are likely to need to make changes to the web site to achieve compliance. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Sitekit can offer a personalized compliance service for your particular site, please get in touch if you wish a quote for the service. Until the situation is clearer, we recommend that as a minimum, owners of web sites using Sitekit CMS add the following paragraph to the Privacy Policy on their web site:

Cookie policy

In compliance with EU legislation*, the following table lists the use of cookies on this web site: *

Cookie Name


More information


This is used to store whether you are in textOnly mode or not. It’s only written on sites which use the text only option.

Persistent for three months.

Strictly necessary cookie



This is used to store user preferences for viewing sites in textOnly mode e.g. font-size and colour. It’s only written on sites which use the text only option.

Persistent for one month.

Strictly necessary cookie



This is used to store the username and password for ‘remember my login’ feature on extranets. It’s only written if there’s an extranet on the site with a ‘remember login’ option.

Persistent for one month.

Strictly necessary cookie

This can be removed via general site settings.


This is used to store whether you have agreed to receive cookies.

Persistent for one year.

Strictly necessary cookie



Session cookie for extranet users. Without this cookie, an extranet user would be forced to log into each separate page on the extranet.



Tracks the pages that a user visits while they navigate around your site.



Where XXXX is a number. Used for account security, allows the CMS to remember devices which have logged in to extranets and the administration system previously.


Add any other third party cookies to this table when adding this to your privacy policy



If you use any Sitekit forms on your site consider adding the following.

For further information. For customers who use forms, we also recommend editing each form to include  

  1. a text warning on footer of all forms
  2. and/or an additional (compulsory) ‘cookie acceptance’ tick box field (just above form submit button) with following label:

[x] I am aware that in submitting this form, the web server will submit details of pages I have visited on this web site (with ‘more info’ hyperlink to table in your own Privacy Policy page)

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