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Directory Module

The Sitekit CMS ‘Directory’ module is an optional web editable database module.

It is designed to integrate with Sitekit CMS to provide the following benefits:

  • Site Owners/Designers – can quickly and easily add an online searchable database to their site.
  • End Users – can easily add/edit their own records including multimedia attachments, and can search the database.
  • Control Panel Administrators – can manage users and obtain reports from the database.

The Directory module architecture is simple and consists of just three tables which can be configured to represent whatever data tables the client’s project requires. In this document the project is assumed to be an events system, but the architecture can equally apply to a recruitment system by applying appropriate labels to database fields.

  • 'Events’ Table (or similar field such as Job Vacancies).
  • 'Directory’ Table (or similar field such as organisations, businesses or individuals eg Job Applicants).
  • 'Venue’ Table (of locations, or similar field such as geographic locations or employers).

The latter two tables are optional, so the database configuration can be very simple.

The following core relationships are possible between these tables:

  • An event (or vacancy) is associated with one venue (employer) which can have none, one or more events (vacancies) [one to many relationship]
  • An event (or vacancy) can have none, one or more  job applicants (from the directory). A directory entry (job applicant) can have none, one or more associated events (vacancies). [many to many relationship]

More Information

For more information download the document 'Sitekit Commercial Product Description Directory-Module v2.3'

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