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Last updated: 24 January 2014

Customer Support

Help Tab - Customer Support

Whenever you call Sitekit Customer Support, your call is logged on the Sitekit Tracker System. Each call is called a 'ticket'. The Tracker system keeps a full history of your ticket to make sure that it's properly dealt with.

When you click on the Customer Support button you are taken to a screen where you can perform any of three actions:

  • Create a New Ticket: Just enter a Title for the ticket - "How do I do blah!", say, followed by a description of your problem. Try to include as much detail as possible. The better your explanation, the better your chance of a quick response.
  • Review existing Ticket(s): Each Ticket has a unique ID number. Click on the ID and the entire history of the ticket will be displayed, including its current status.
  • Add A comment: Gives you the ability to add extra comments to an existing ticket. For example, if you look at a ticket and spot a note from customer support saying that they are having problems reproducing your problem, you can add some extra detail here.


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