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Last updated: 24 January 2014

Selecting a Content Layout

You can change the position of text and pictures boxes as well as internal/external links and downloadable documents by changing the page Content Layout template.

At the top left hand corner of the page editor window you will see a drop-down menu. When you click the down-arrow on this menu, you will be offered a list of the difference Content Layout templates available to your site.

You are able to see how these will look on your page by clicking on each template in the drop-down list. When you have found the correct template you can apply it to the page by saving and publishing the page.

Select a Content Layout template

  1. In the Navigation tree right click on the page you want to change and select 'Edit', 'Content'.
  2. Click on the relevant Content Layout template, the layout of your page will now change to show the new template.
  3. To compare the new template to the old template click the 'Save' button and select the icon 'Compare unpublished page and live page side by side'.
  4. To publish the change to the live page click the ‘Publish' button.
  5. To revert back to the original template click the icon ' Discard all changes made since last publish' (the bin in the top toolbar).

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