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Last updated: 31 January 2017

A note on referencing assets

In Sitekit CMS 11 we have introduced end-to-end encryption to the Admin interface. End-to-end encryption provides a secured environment in which you can develop, edit and organise content, manage user permissions and site assets.

Where absolute URLs (e.g. are used in a template, variable block or content item the web browser will display a message, pop-up or dialog warning to Admin users that the site contains mixed, or insecure content

To avoid browser warnings and Admin user confusion, and maintain the secured Admin system, only relative URLs (e.g./images/image.jpg) or magic word syntax (:::assetfullpath.shortcutid-[shortcutid]:::) should be used whenever referencing an asset. This applies to content editing and website development. An additional benefit of relative URLs is that they will always appear as hosted from the site - even if a domain name is changed or an asset is used by multiple domain names associated with the Sitekit CMS site.

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