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Last updated: 28 June 2016

Add preconfigured posts

Posts are an extremely flexible way of displaying interrelated data from staff directories to events and news listings. There's more information on using posts on the introduction to posts page.

Adding posts to your site is a 3 stage process:

  1. Create the relevant post types
  2. Add or edit posts of that type  - which is explained below and here
  3. Create a page to display your posts on

To create a new post click the relevant post type name on the content area of the Edit tab. The table is now displayed showing all your existing posts of that post type. If a post is a recurring one then its recurring period will be on the table also. Unapproved posts are in red 10.1. These are posts created by front end users via the createposts web service. Any post added via the admin panel is automatically approved. In the table listing you can also order (10.5), filter and search the posts table.

Type in the name of your new post, then click the Add action to create it.

Select the newly created post type and click the Edit action. This opens a new pop up screen in which you can write your post. The fields are described here.

Click on Delete to delete a post. 

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