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Last updated: 20 June 2014

Asset Tree

The Asset Tree displays assets in a tree of folders next to the Navigation tree. The location of assets on the Asset Tree is independent to the location of pages on the Navigation Tree and moving assets in the tree does not alter the navigation structure of your website.

The following actions can be performed when you 'Right Click' on a folder or asset in the asset tree.

Note: some of the options below will only available for either folder or asset.

  • Edit: opens the asset for editing.
  • View Live: (10.1) allows you to view the asset in a broswer.
  • New: allows you to create a new asset or asset folder.
  • Browse: opens the asset explorer window.
  • Upload: opens the asset uploader window, allowing you to upload a new asset.
  • Image Properties: opens the image properties (bulk) editor.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste: enables you to cut/copy/paste assets to a different location in the asset tree.
  • Rename: enables you to rename a folder or asset.
  • Delete: will allow you to delete a folder or asset, moving it to the recycle bin.
  • Permissions: you use Asset Permissions to control access levels to a page, both in the administration system and public facing websites (Extranet rights.)
  • Folder Properties:  allows you to control Asset Folder Permissions, used to associate domain names to a folder,  as well as providing information about the folder (Folder ID, Asset class etc).
  • Refresh: will refresh the asset folder.


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