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Last updated: 02 October 2015

Creating a page for forums

same as for the posts pageOnce you've configured your forums you can create a page to display the forum on your site. This page describes how you do that.

  1. Either use the page wizard or right click on the navigation tree to create a new page.
  2. Right click on the new page in the tree and select edit page properties.
  3. From the content layout drop down select one of the layouts prefixed with 'posts:' there will be one of these for each of your forums.
  4. Click publish to save and publish your changes.

The following section relates to editing your new forum page, the arguments are the same as for the posts page because a forum is a specific type of post. Double click on the newly created forum page to open it in a pop-up window.

The top field is a rich text block labeled 'introduction' which you can use to add some textual context to the top of your forum page (10.2).

Next is a button labeled 'Edit <your posttype name> properties' opens a pop up allowing you to configure the relevant post type. This is the same popup as you see in the post type configuration.

Below the properties button are the following fields:

  • Page size: This sets the number of forums items to appear for pagination.
  • XSL URL for list page: this allows you to override the standard XSL used to display the list output and customise it for your own use.
  • XSL URL for post page: most of the forum pages have an option to click through to get more details on an individual post. This allows you to override the standard XSL used to display the detailed output on this page and customise it for your own use.
  • Include related items checkbox: Again if one your forums's fields is itself a post type and one of your resulting posts contains a reference to another post then ticking this box will allow a click though on the data display to that second associated post.
  • Additional XML parameters - These parameters get passed to the XML when the 'list' version of the page is generated front-end. The list page is produced by the searchposts web service defined here so this feature can be used to apply additional fixed filtering to the page. For example, you may have a forum of 'products', which has a custom field of 'type'. A 'hardware Page' can then be made that only lists the hardware product discussions by adding the XML parameter '&custom_type=hardware' to this field.

Finally after you've made any changes click publish to save and publish. 


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