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Creating a Table

The text editor has 11 table-specific icons, as described below.

  1. Create a New Table
  2. Modify Table Rows
  3. Modify Table Cells
  4. Insert a Row before the selected row
  5. Insert a row after the selected row
  6. Delete a row
  7. Insert a Column before the selected column
  8. Insert a column after the selected column
  9. Delete the selected column
  10. Split the selected Merged Cells
  11. Merge the selected cells

Creating a new table

Click the Create a New Table icon. This opens the Insert/Modify a table pop-up, as pictured below.

Type in the desired number of rows and cells. You can also specify alignment - left, right, centre - cell spacing and padding, CSS class, and a border. You can type in values for Height and Width, or you can manually click on the edit corners of the table and drag them to the desired sizes.

Finally - don't forget to click the Insert button. This inserts the new table and closed the Table Editor.

Advanced Properties

If you wish to specify items such as border and background colours, click the Advanced Properties tab in the Table Editor.

Border Colour and Background colour both have a handy colour selector item next to them.

Click the Insert button to save your work and close the editor.




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