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Last updated: 08 May 2014

Links pages

You can create 'Links' pages that allow your to collate and display all or part of your links library. Links pages can form important reference sections in a site and can also be used for reciprocal links in order to improve search engine rankings.

Links pages are created by selecting the 'Links' content layout in standard page properties.

Links pages are configured by editing the 'Content' of the active page.

  1. Edit the content of the page that you want to configure.
  2. Introductory text for 'Links' page - type in the box an explanation of what the links are for.
  3. Select Links Areas:
    Click on any or all of the link areas you wish to show on the page. Each name in the drop down list corresponds to a links area defined in the links library. You can select multiple areas by holding down the ctrl (or Mac) key while clicking on them.
  4. Footer text for 'Links' page - type in the box any text you wish to appear below the list of links. 
  5. Associated page content - you can display downloadable files, internal links, and external links on a List By page. Refer to the Page Content section of Sitekit CMS Help.
  6. Click Save or Publish.


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