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Last updated: 28 June 2016

Add an asset to the asset tree

 To add a new asset to the asset tree:

  1. If you're in Navigation View click Asset View to display the asset tree.
  2. Right click the folder on the tree to which you want to add a new sub-folder and select New.

This allows you to create new assets and folders. Any spaces in the assets you add will be replaced by hyphens '-', similarly if there's an asset branch copy. The asset structure and folders may have been set up, and therefore most editors will probably not require these functions. However a brief description of each function is given below.

  1. Folder- this creates a new folder for any asset type.
  2. Editorial Page - this creates a new editorial page but note best practice is to create new editorial pages on the navigation tree to ensure it is positioned correct in the navigation menu.
  3. Blank Text File - this is used for creating HTML and JavaScript files.
  4. StyleSheet - controls the formatting (font size, colours etc) of your site.
  5. PageLayout- controls where different elements are placed on your site.
  6. ContentLayout - controls where text and picture blocks are placed on your site.

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