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Last updated: 09 March 2018

Asset Explorer

The Asset Explorer displays assets and folders as thumbnails or in a list. It allows you to view, sort, find and upload assets.

Note: the assets will often be in specific folders, such as a folder for images and in these folders there can be sub-folders.

The following actions can be performed when viewing assets in the Asset Explorer:

  • Upload a new asset.
  • Preview the asset.
  • Upload a new version.
  • Edit asset properties.
  • View asset usage.
  • Edit asset additional metadata (files only).
  • View change history (files only).

Browse the Asset Explorer

In the Edit tab, click on All Assets. All folders and assets are displayed on the desktop as thumbnails.

Three drop-down lists (top right) help you to control what is displayed.

The first drop-down list shows you which folder you are currently viewing and which folders are above it in the tree.

The second drop-down list allows you to filter the assets that are in the currently displayed folder.

The third drop-down list allows you to change between thumbnail view and details view. Thumbnails view is useful when looking for images, whilst the Details view lets you see more information about the assets in the folder and allows you to sort the list of assets by clicking on the column headers.

An alternative way of opening the Asset Explorer is via the asset tree. Right-click on a folder and select Browse. The Asset Explorer will open in a pop-up, displaying the contents of the selected folder. 

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