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Last updated: 26 May 2014

Desktop View

When you first log in to the Sitekit CMS Administration Control Panel you will be presented with the Desktop view.

The Desktop view shows:

  • Who is currently logged on.
  • A list of your recent page edits. This box contains additional options to display all Unpublished Pages on the site, and all Recent Activity.
  • Site statistics (how many pages, images, files and folders).
  • Provides access to the Sitekit CMS Quick Start and Migration guides.
  • Top Downloads and Top Search Terms Reports.

As you navigate to other sections of Sitekit CMS the Desktop will change. To go back to the default Desktop view click the CMS button in the top left of the control panel.

In 9.3 and higher, the Desktop also includes a handy graph, which displays a rolling one year monthly listing of the download figures (in megabytes) for your site.



Top Downloads and Top Search Terms Reports

These two reports allow you to inspect the top File Downloads and Search terms for a given month.

When you first select one of these reports, you will be shown a listing of Downloads or Searches for the current month. If you wish to view the results for an earlier month, just select the Month and click the Update button (pictured below). This will update the report, displaying statistics for the selected month.

If you wish to export the data,  just click the export button. The data will be exported as csv file, and a new Excel spread sheet will be automatically created and populated with the data.

Note that the Top Downloads report runs off a rolling year's worth of data. The Top Search Terms report, however, only contains a rolling 60 days of data. So if you try to view data from three months back, you'll get a blank report. If you wish to record Searches permanently, use the Export option once every one or two months.


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