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Last updated: 24 January 2014

Optimise a page for search engines

Sitekit is designed to make your pages visible to all major search engines but you can enhance that visibility by adding some text that is specific to the content of your page. This text is called promotional metadata.

Change Promotional Metadata

  1. In the Navigation view select the page you want to change.
  2. Right click and select Edit then Page Properties.
  3. This will open the Edit Page Properties window.
  4. Scroll down to the Promotional Metadata section.
  5. Description for search engines - in this box type a very short (c. 140 characters), accurate sentence that describes the content of your page. 
    Make sure that the most important words relating to your page are included in the sentence.
    For example, if your page is advertising boat trips on Lake Windermere your sentence should include the words boat, trips, and Windermere. (As with the metadata tag keywords, the Description metadata tag is being assigned less importance by Search Engines nowadays. However it is still important to Sitekit's internal search logic which drives the site-search facility).
  6. Keywords for search engines - in this box type a list of words that people might use when searching for content similar to that on your page.
    A few highly relevant words are better than lots of similar words. (The metatata keywords tag is rarely used by search engines nowadays - however keywords are still used by Sitekit's internal search logic, so they're worth retaining to improve your siite-search facility).
  7. Priority for search engines - Google Site Maps order pages by the priority that you give them. 
    To place the current page at the top of a list of your pages select 1.0 on the drop-down list.
    Give less important pages a lower priority number.
  8. When you are happy with the changes click Save to save your work and Publish to make it live.

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