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Page Properties

Page Properties control the Page Type, Visibility Status, Redirect and Review Date, as well as Metadata, Naviagation Mouseover Help Text, and Head Tag Script Code.

The properties are divided into three groups - Standard, Metadata and Advanced. Editors will find the majority of functions they need will be on the Standard page properties section.

Standard Tab allows you to control:

  • Page Title and Web Page Name.
  • Page Summary for SEO purposes.
  • Content Type and Layout.
  • Page Visibility.
  • Effective Period (time and date restraints).
  • Review Notes.

Metadata Tab allows you to control:

  • Promotional Metdata.
  • Additional Metadata.

Advanced Tab allows you to control:

  • Page Layout.
    • (10.1) Addition of 'Alternative site layout' in page layout dropdown e.g. module layout. You can add in an alternative page layout so that it appears as one of the default options in the dropdown, which will help to simplify layout selection for users. This is controlled in Site Settings > General Site Settings > Alternative Default Layout.
  • Stylesheet.
  • Page Redirection. (In version 9.5 and above this function can be control from Redirecting Pages).
  • Mouseover Navigation Text.
  • Script Code Area.
  • RESTful URLs (10.1)

Top Tips:

  • If the content window is open for editing some of the page properties will be greyed out and non-editable.

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