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Last updated: 08 May 2014

Search pages

You can create 'Search' pages that allow visitors to your site to find pages by typing a keyword into a search box.

Search pages are created by selecting the 'Search Page' content layout in standard page properties.

Search pages are configured via the Content tab in the Editor window.

  1. Open in the Content tab of the Editor window the Search page that you want to configure.
  2. Search page text - type in the box an explanation of how to use the search.
  3. Search button text - type in the box the text that you want to appear on the search button.
  4. Results per page - select from the drop-down the maximum number of results that you want to be displayed on each page that is returned by the search.
  5. Filter on content category - tick this box to provide the visitor with a series of tick boxes so that they can restrict the search to selected categories (e.g. news pages).
  6. Filter on selected nodes - tick this box and select from the list the areas of the site that you want to include in the search (hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple items).
  7. Associated page content - you can display downloadable files, internal links, and external links on a Search page. Refer to the Page Content section of Sitekit CMS Help.
  8. Click Save to save your work or Publish to make it live.

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