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Last updated: 24 January 2014

Status View

Status View displays a list of the pages on your website and tells you useful information about them, such as who edited them last and whether or not the edits have been published.

If you want to locate a specific page, but are unsure as to its exact site location, you can find it easily by using the Filter and Sorting in Status view.

  • In the Edit tab click Status View.
    Pages that have been edited but not yet published are marked by a red asterisk. To publish pages in bulk select the relevant tick boxes in the left colum and click Publish.
  • Sort the list by clicking on a column heading. For example if you want to sort the list by the type of page click on the column heading Type.
  • Filter the list using the drop-down in the top right hand corner of the desktop. For example if you only want to see a list of unpublished pages click on the drop-down arrow and select Show All Unpublished.
  • Click on the Name of a page to open it in the Editor window.

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