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Write or edit text

  1. In the Navigation tree select the page you want to change.
  2. Right click and select Edit>>Content. (Double clicking on the page in the Navigation tree also openes Edit Content). The Page Content screen now opens.
  3. Left click inside the text box you want to edit, and a popup editor opens, giving you options for adding and formatting text.
  4. Work on the page, using the tools in the toolbar. Note - This article links to a brief description of the tools, and more detailed instructions for handling Links, Graphics, Downloads etc, can be found in the navigation tree.
  5. When you have finished working click the Save button to save your work. This will save your changes, but not publish them.
  6. Click the Publish button to publish the new page.

Editing in HTML

If you want to edit in HTML click the HTML icon at the far right of the toolbar. Make your HTML changes and then click the Update button to save your changes and revert back to text editor mode. Or you can click the Cancel button to abandon your HTML changes and return to text edit mode.

Security Permissions

Members of different User Groups are granted different Permssions to carry out actions on the site. You may not have permission to Publish a Page, or to work in HTML.Consult your System Administrator if you think your Security permissions are incorrect.


Remember that you can Windows Ctrl Shortcut Keys while editing, such as;

Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Function 
 Ctrl-F Opens the Find Bar
 Ctrl-A Selects all Text
 Ctrl-Home Moves to Start of Text
 Ctrl-End Moves to End of Text


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