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Last updated: 02 October 2015

The Directory (deprecated)

Sitekit's Directory module has been deprecated as of autumn 2015 it will no longer appear or be supported in any new sites. It has been replaced by the new post system which is far more flexible.

Sitekit's Directory feature allows you to manage and display information relating to Events, Venues, and Participants.

Note: The  Directory Module is entirely separate from the Event Modules, which are controlled by the Edit and Manage Tabs.

In the Directory Module, you can:

  1. Add an Event to the Directory
  2. Add a Venue to the Directory
  3. Add a Participant to the Directory
  4. Approve a Directory Event
  5. Approve a Participant
  6. Approve a Venue
  7. Edit an Event's Details
  8. Edit a Venue
  9. Edit a Participant
  10. Export a List of Venues
  11. Export a List of Participants




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