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General Information

  • A guestbook is a page on your website where users can leave comments.
  • Related guestbook comments are stored within a guestbook module.
  • The contents of a guestbook module are displayed on a guestbook page. One module can supply its contents to multiple pages.
  • Guestbook modules are created and configured via the Configure tab.

Managing a Guestbook

Managing a Guestbook involves four tasks - Adding Comments, Publishing Comments, Deleting Comments, and exporting comments to a CSV archive file.

Adding Comments

  1. To add a comment to a guestbook, select the guestbook from the drop-down list (top left).
  2. Type in your new comment into the blank comment field.
  3. Click the Add action next to the comment.

Deleting and Publishing Comments

  1. Select the relevant guestbook from the drop-down list (top left).
  2.  Highlight the comment you wish to publish or delete.
  3. Click the Publish or Delete Action next to the selected comment.

Exporting Comments

Some or all of the comments that are stored in a guestbook module can be exported from Sitekit as a CSV (comma separated values) file and used in other applications.

To export comments from a guestbook you first select the specific Guestbook you're interested in by picking it from the drop-down list (top left). This opens a screen similar to the one shown below.


  1. You can choose a date/time period for the comments to include in the export file using the Export from and Export  to drop-down lists. Notice that there are handy Calendar and Clock icons alongside these fields, from which you can select dates and times.
  2. When you've selected you date/time range, click Export to CSV.
  3. Select the folder on your computer where you want to save the file and click Save.



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