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Last updated: 21 May 2014

Default global variables

Default global variables are elements of content which are applied across all pages on the site - unless they are overridden locally by branch or domain variables.

  1. Click Default on the Global Variables section of the Build tab.
  2. Reserved fixed variable blocks - these are defined within Sitekit CMS and provide you with the most commonly-used elements. You don't have to use them in your pages - they're purely for convenience.
    You can edit their content but you cannot change their position within the page. Click Save Changes as you add/edit content.
  3. Variable HTML blocks - these are user-defined and can be positioned anywhere in the page by adding the <variableblock>varblockname</variableblock> tag to the page, where varblockname is the name of the variable block.
    Use the Add new variable block form to create new variable blocks.
  4. Variables - simple variables can be placed anywhere within a page or within a variable block by adding the <variable>varname</variable> tag to the page, where varname is the name of the variable.
    Use the Add new variable form to create new variables.

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