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Last updated: 09 July 2018

Link checker report

The Links checker report is run daily to report on the health of the links on these site. It scan all the pages and the links in the links library and test each one to see if its still valid.

The report is made up of a table with the following headings:

  • Type - This is the location of the link, either on a page or in the links library itself
  • Source - This is the clickable URL of the page or the category in the links library
  • Bad URL - The link that failed
  • Status - this is what the response to testing was there can be several
    • (401) Unauthorized - the link pointed to a location where a log in was needed
    • Syntax error - The syntax used in the link was incorrect or badly formed
    • (503) Server Unavailable.
    • (404) not found - domain was resolved but page couldn't be found
    • The remote name could not be resolved: - The domain itself didn't resolve ot a site
    • Timed out - the page did not respond in time
  • Actions:
    • Hide - hide this bad link until the next time you run the report
    • Hide domain - hide all bad links from this domain until the next time you run the report

As well as those last two actions you can also click on 'Show all bad links' at the top of the table in order to show all of the previously hidden bad links for this site.








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