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Last updated: 01 June 2015

Manage a forum

Using the forum manager, you can edit and control what's been posted on specific forums.

As with many Sitekit modules, using the forum Manager is a three step process.

  1. Configure a forum
  2. Manage the forum
  3. Deploy the forum on a web page

This Help Topic describes how to manage a forum.

Forums are managed via the collaboration section in the 'manage' tab. Each of the previously configured forums will have its own menu item. If there are too many to display the most recent addition will appear in a drop down list on the menu. The forum you wish to manage should be selected.

The resulting table lists the threads on the selected forum. The table displays the thread title, the original thread poster and post, the number of related posts and number of unapproved posts as well as the actions possible on that thread. The table can be searched and filtered and it's page length changed. The threads are presented in the same order as the front end page with the thread associated with the newest post at the top. The actions possible on each thread are as follows:

  • Manage - this allows you access to the thread posts.
  • Edit - this allows you to edit the post text, title, date, approved status, associated files etc, basically all the fields associated with the thread.
  • Sink/unsink - this isn't accessible from the table but is one of the editable options available after clicking on 'edit' above. It means new posts associated with a thread won't move back to the top of the discussion list. A thread can be unsunk also.
  • Pin/unpin - threads are ordered by their most recent related post. If pin is set this is ignored and the thread is always at the top of the list, once set the option changes to unpin.
  • Lock/unlock - this prevents users from adding further posts to the thread/discussion, once set the option changes to unlock.
  • Delete - this deletes the thread and all its related posts.
In a moderated forum, if a thread had unapproved posts it will display this in the number of unapproved posts column in red. To approve you should click on the red manage link and set the relevant post(s) status to approved.

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