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Last updated: 01 February 2017

Migrating to zone based editing

You can migrate existing content layouts so that they can make use of the new zone based editing system. It's best to start on a content layout that's not used by too many pages so you can gauge the effect. We'd also recommend initially creating new content layouts and experimenting with them first which allows you to do a more controlled roll out. 

In order to do the migration:

  1. Open up the relevant content layouts in the content layout editor.
  2. Add the following somewhere in the content layout:
<sitekit:zone id="Bodies"/>
<sitekit:zone id="Pics"/>
  1. Publish the content layout.
  2. Open up an existing page that uses the updated content layout, all of the bodies and image fields will have been transferred into the newly created zones.

It's a good idea to review all the pages using the migrated content layout and see if they're rendering correctly.


Another method of migration to the system can be achieved by altering the relevant page you're in to use a new content layout that already uses zones. You do this using the following process:

  1. Double click on the page you want to edit.
  2. In the content layout drop down top left select a content layout that uses the new zones.
  3. The page editor will refresh with a 'merge' button at the top of it.
  4. Click Merge to pull all the existing editable fields into an editable zone. The bodies and pics will be transferred into two zones called 'Pics' and 'Bodies'. There's also a roll back option 'revert'.
  5. Click on save and publish and check the results.

It’s likely that you'll need to drag around some of the editing blocks and images to make the page appear similar to the way it did previously.

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