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Last updated: 24 January 2014

Sitekit Asset Picker

Sitekit 9.3 onwards uses a Multi-Asset Picker which is used with Internal Links, External Links, and Downloads. The Picker is activated by clicking any of the buttons shown below.

When you click on a button, the Sitekit Asset Picker opens. An example screen is shown below. This particular example screen shows Navigation View, used by Internal Links.


The Asset Picker is superficially the same for whichever of the three options - Internal, External and Download - you pick. There are some minor differences, however. The example above was loaded by clicking the Internal Links button, and it has an icon which is not displayed in the External and Download screens.

  This icon toggles between Navigation and Asset Tree View. Obviously you only see it when you select Internal Links.

Asset Tree View

When viewing the Asset Picker in Asset View, rather than Navigation View, you are given a couple more icons, as shown below. These allow you to navigate up the Asset Tree, and toggle between List and Thumbnail views.

Selecting Items

Using the Navigation Panel on the left of the screen, navigate to each resource you wish to add to the List. Select it by simply clicking on the name, which adds it to the Selection List in the right hand panel.

Searching for an Item

At the bottom left of the pop-up screen you'll see a Search Field. You can enter search criteria here to help you locate a particular item. For example, you could type in customer for a list of all existing items with customer in their name.

To clear a search, click the red x next to search field.

Sorting and Deleting

  • Items in the list can be sorted by dragging and dropping them.
  • Items in the list can be deleted by clicking the red x next to their name.

Advanced Properties

When you open the Asset Picker, it defaults to letting you define a brand new page-specific list of items. However, by clicking the Advanced Action (bottom right of the pop-up screen) you can select any of the site's Shared Asset lists. The lists displayed are pre-filtered for Internal, External or Downloads.

Saving and Closing

When you have created your list, click the OK action to save the list and close the pop-up Asset Picker screen.








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