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Last updated: 02 October 2015

See who made what changes

When editors, managers, etc. make changes to pages on your website they automatically leave a record of what they have done. This is called the Audit Trail. There's a list of what we audit in the FAQs

To see who has made changes to which pages:

  1. In the Reports tab, click Audit Trail.
    The Audit Trail page is displayed showing the history of for top 100 recorded changes.
  2. You can change the 'show top' option to a larger number to see more results or to see the history for a longer period you can select Date Range and then select the appropriate dates from the drop-downs.
  3. To see only particular types of changes select them from the picklist.
  4. To see only changes made by one or more admin users select the appropriate username from the picklist.
  5. To search the audit trail enter your search in the box in the header marked 'containing' and click on update.(10.4)
  6. If you want to replace the current version with the previous version, find the page and click Rollback to this version.
  7. To see the archived data relating to a changed page, click View.

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