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Help for Editors

This Help for Editors section describes the features and functions available to site editors.

When you login to the Sitekit CMS Administration Control Panel you are initially presented with the Desktop View. This provides general information about your site, and contains links to essential documentation.

You are able to access different functions of Sitekit CMS by right clicking on items in the Navigation and Asset trees, or by selecting the relevant function from the Tabs at the top of the control panel.

Sitekit CMS uses both Editorial and Module pages for content.  Editorial page content is updated via the 'Edit' function of the Navigation tree. Module content is updated and administered via the relevant module function on the Manage Tab.

Areas of special interest to Editors include:

  • The Navigation Tree
  • Creating Pages
  • Editing Page Content
  • Editing Page Properties
  • Deleting Pages
  • Adding News Articles
  • The Desktop View
  • Status View
  • Changing Passwords
  • User Preferences
  • Understanding Assets
  • Working in Source Code HTML
  • Data Retention Policy

Remember that Sitekit CMS employs a system of user rights designed to protect your website from inadvertent changes. If you are unable to access some features and functions, it may be because you do not have the necessary rights. Contact your administrator for more details.



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