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Last updated: 01 February 2017

Editing a zone page

When you're editing a page that uses a zoned content layout, this is accessed the same way as normal by double clicking on the page in the asset or navigation tree or by right clicking on the relevant page and selecting 'edit'.

  1. On the pop-up content editor the empty zones will be highlighted with green dots.
  2. You can drag any of the five editable elements from the palette on the bottom left into any of the landing zones.
  3. Currently in any zone you can drag in the following five elements:
    • One or more rich text editor blocks
    • One or more image place holders
    • One or more forms
    • One or more data islands
    • One or more variable blocks
  4. The blocks in each zone can be freely dragged around to re-order them in zones or moved into different zones.  
  5. To delete a block, you can drag it and drop onto the dustbin. 
  6. Once you've dragged the relevant elements into the correct location they can be edited separately by clicking on their respective boxes as follows:
  7. Changes can be saved or published using the top buttons.


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