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Last updated: 23 January 2014


Site configurers can now store Open Authentication Keys (for accessing Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook, for example). A new Web Service has been created, and there are six new web-methods (TwitterAPI, TwitterAPIBySKKey, GenericXMLAPI, GenericXMLAPIbySKKey and GenericJSON2XMLAPI and GenericlXMLAPI) for accessing any oAuthenticated API.

Sitekit CMS can manage your Keys and Tokens in Configure > oAuth Keys. Keys and tokens managed by Sitekit are replaced with a Sitekit Key which can be used in their place with the following web-methods:

  • GenericXMLAPIbySKKey
  • TwitterAPIBySKKey
  • TwitterJSONAPI

Three of the available web-methods are designed only for use within Sitekit Data Islands to ensure that keys and tokens remain private. These are:

  • GenericJson2XMLAPI
  • GenericlXMLAPI, and
  • TwitterAPI

To access the OpenAuth web service and find out more visit the web service on your cluster: Cluster One, Cluster Two, Cluster Three.

As an example: You could use this feature to display the most recent tweets of your company or display the shares from your organisation's LinkedIn page.

Note: in order to access the Open Authentication Configuration screen, a user must have Configuration and Site Settings privileges.


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