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Sitekit CMS can manage all your domains and sub-domains.

Add a domain

  1. Click Domains in the Configure tab.
  2. Type the domain name into the text box at the bottom-left of the table, excluding http:// (e.g.
  3. Set the desired configuration (see configuration options, below).
  4. Click Add. The new domain is added to the list.

Domain configuration options

  • Make master
    Set as the master domain when the configuration is saved.
  • Folder
    Non-configurable, states which folder in the asset tree the domain is applied to.
  • Index
    Search engines will index pages and files visited via the domain.
  • Follow
    Search engines will visit ("crawl") links on a page it visits via the domain.
  • Subweb
    Used to create a subsite on the main site with a distinct domain. Content can only be retrieved from the asset tree folder that the domain is applied to. NB: This will only function if Use Web Standard URLs is enabled in Site Settings. There are limitations to subsites. The domain once create can be associated with the respective folder via folder properties
  • SSL
    This should ONLY be checked if you have a valid SSL (https) security certificate for this domain. When checked all content retrieved via the domain is served securely (https). The CMS automatic redirection from http to https is a permanent 301 redirect.
  • 301 Redirect To
    Enter a web address to configure the domain to redirect all traffic to it.
  • P3P Compact
    See W3C: Compact Policies

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