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Last updated: 21 May 2014

Variable Block List

Global Variables can be used within both pages and layouts as shortcuts for common phrases or blocks of HTML/javascript/etc.

The Variable Block List contains all variable blocks used on the site.

From here you can edit, delete and add variable blocks.

There are four columns in the list:

  • Name is the name of the variable block to be used in the source code. Syntax is <variableblock>variableName</variableblock> or
    The default editing behaviour is set on the properties tab on the editing window.
    Syntax is <variable>variableName</variable> or
  • Rich Text indicates if the Rich text editor can be used for that variable block (the rich text edior allows variable blocks to be edited without using HTML).
  • Variations is the number of different variants that appear under Language Dependent, Branch Dependent and Domain Dependent schemes.
    So for example if a site has a domain dependent scheme and the variable block is edited to be different under the second domain then its variation count will be 2.
  • Actions allows you to edit, delete or Add a variable block.








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