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List By pages

You can create 'List By' pages that allow visitors to your site to find pages or files by selecting an initial letter from an alphabetic index, which displays a list of pages corresponding to the chosen letter.

List By pages are created by selecting the 'List Page' content layout in standard page properties. Once created, List By pages are configured via the Content tab in the Editor window.

  1. Open in the Content tab of the Editor window the List By page that you want to configure.
  2. Introductory text for 'List By' page - type in the box an explanation of how to use the alphabetic index.
  3. List type - this is a drop down list to allow you to select pages for an A to Z of pages, or files for an A to Z of files
  4. Field to alphabeticise byThis is a drop-down menu of options, such as Name, Title, Meta keyword, and so on. Select the one you wish to List on. The most frequently used options are listed below.
    • For pages list type
      Web page name
       - lists by the initial letter of the name of the page used in the URL (usually ends in .htm).
      Editorial title  - lists by the initial letter of the title that is displayed at the top of the page.
      Menu editorial title  - lists by the initial letter of the menu label.
      Meta keywords  - lists by the initial letters of the meta keywords associated with the page (in Standard Page Properties).
      Additional metadata  - any suitable additional meta fields assigned to the pages system can be used
    • For files list type
      File name
       - This will use the file name e.g. 'test'pdf' unless the file has been given a Title in its file properties in which case the File Title will be used preferentially.
      Additional metadata - any suitable additional meta fields assigned to the files system can be used
      Keywords (10.1) - lists by the initial letters of the keywords associated with the file. Keywords can be added to any file by double clicking on the file (in admin) and navigating to the metadata tab where you will find the 'Keyword' section.
  5. Root for 'List By' page (for page list types) - the root page defines the extent of the search back up the navigation tree. Pages above the root page will not be listed.
    To change the root page click Change and select the new root page from the tree that is displayed.
  6. Asset class (for file list types) - the files that are to be used to create a file based list by page are distinguished via their asset class. Only one asset class can be selected
    Assign an asset class to those file you want included and then select that asset class from the drop down list.
  7. Associated page content - you can display downloadable files, internal links, and external links on a List By page. Refer to the Page Content section of Sitekit CMS Help.
  8. Click Save to save your work or Publish to make it live.

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