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Last updated: 02 October 2015

Member Profiles

Sitekit CMS v9.6 introduced several features to improve Member Profiles, thus improving a sense of community involvement.

Profile Picture: You can now select, upload and display a picture, or avatar, of each User/Member, improving the user's sense of involvement with a site.

More profile data: An additional block of personal Information -  Address1, Address2, Town, County, Postcode and Country - can now be added to each User/Member profile record. Magic words have been added to display this information when required.

Persistent user data: In 9.6, when a User logs in to a site, their membership details (address, email, etc) are persistent - meaning that the user will not have to manually fill in this information into Guestbooks, Forums, or Forms. This information will be auto-filled for them - as long as it exists in their profile record, of course.

New webmethods: Two new webmethods - GetRecentMemberActivity and GetRecentGroupActivity  - can be used to display information about a user's own recent activities, or activities in the User Groups they belong to. This will include what forms they've filled in, their forum posts, page comments, pages subscribed to and mail channel subscriptions.

A very simple member profile is shown below. It shows a picture of the member, address details, telephone and email, the member's own recent activities, and activities fom other members of their Group. Members can be given the ability to populate and modify their own profiles, as shown in the navigation panel on the left. All fields including the avatar and any of the 6 custom fields can be modified (10.4).


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