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Last updated: 19 August 2019

Manage form submissions

A form submission is a set of information sent by one user via a form.

You can define a period of time and view or export all of the submissions that were made during that period.

  1. In the Manage tab click Forms.
  2. In the Get Form Submission section select the relevant form from the Access submissions from drop-down list.
  3. Select the date period from the for the last drop-down list - Day, Week, Month, Quarter of Six Months. Alternatively you can enter a Start date and End Date. 
  4. Click View Form Entries to see a list of all submissions within your chosen time period.
  5. Click Export to CSV to create a 'comma separated values' file of the form submissions.
    Save the file onto your computer.
  6. Click Export to XML to create an XML file of the form submissions.
    Save the file onto your computer.

The Last Submitted column (11.2) shows the date of the last submission. If nothing is reported then there have been either no submissions in the form's history, or since the release of 11.2.

Deleting old Submissions

Select the date range of records you want to delete, as described above. Next, view the selected submissions. Alongside each submission you will see a Delete this Submission check box. Check all the submissions which you wish to delete. Finally, click the Delete Selected Submissions button at the bottom of the page.

Secure Form Submissions

Forms in sitekit can be encrypted end-to-end. This means as well as transmitting them via https they are also encrypted while stored. Such forms cannot be read by anyone (including sitekit staff) unless they possess the relevant key file. To read the data from a Sitekit Secure Form you need the relevant pass-phrase and key file. These can be entered on the relevant popups 'pass phrase' and 'keys file' picker when requesting to view the encrypted data in the admin system (added in 11.0). This option is only available if the admin system itself is also using https. This functionality was previously provided by a desktop decryption tool which has now been deprecated. Instructions for using encrypted form submissions and sitekit and https and associating the relevant file with a user can be found in the data sheet listings below.


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