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Last updated: 08 May 2014

Create Page Wizard

Sitekit has a dedicated Create Page link, to speed up the creation of new Editorial Pages.

When you are in the Edit Tab, you'll see the 'create ' section at the top left of the ribbon.

  1. Click the Page link.
  2. Select a Parent Page by double-clicking on it in the Navigation Panel. (Notice that the Parent name wiill now be displayed. If you forget to select a parent, it will default to Home).
  3. Type in a Page Title. This is the name which user's will see when they visit the page.
  4. Type in a Navigation Label. (Or just hit the tab key, whereupon it will default to the same name as the Page Title. The Navigation Label is used as a Link Text name).
  5. Type in a Page Name. (Or just tab through it to default to the Page Title). The Page Name is the unique page identifier, normally ending in .htm. Spaces are not allowed in a Page Name, so these will be converted to dashes if you default to a Page Title which contained spaces. For example, if your Page Title was "Contact Technical Support", then the default Page Name would be "Contact-Technical-Support.htm".
  6. Type in the Page Summary. This is a short metadata description of the page. Try to make this short but helpful. The Site Search facility will use this metadata, so the better your description, the better your Site Search will be.
  7. Click the Create Page button. The page is now created and saved.
  8. The new page will now be opened in Edit Content mode.


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